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WC3.org: The HTML Bible
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Freeware and Freeware Download Sites


Ad Shield
Have you ever wished there was something you could do to get rid of all those banner ads which clutter up the content of your favorite web pages? Well, wish no more! Ad Shield is here. Features seamless integration with Internet Eplorer (only); stand alone (i.e., does NOT require extablishing or working through a proxy) interface; a tool bar button which activates the interface within your browser; easily customizable drag-and-drop block list; much more.

Let's face it. Netscape--and the open-source Mozilla browser upon which it is based--began to lose ground in a competition with Internet Explorer some time around the debut of NS 3.0. That, thankfully, is no longer the case. Mozilla, now in 1.3 Beta, is what Netscape should have been all along. The newest version even puts its more "commercialized" equivalent--Netscape 7.0--to shame. There's the standard skinnable interface, of course, but now there's bulk/junk mail filtering and a wonderful feature which lets you block banner ads! If you haven't tried the Lizard in a while, maybe it's time to review the new release. (Don't let the Beta designation scare you away: the browser's been operating safely on my machine for over a year with only ONE crash. I wish I could say the same about IE. :-))

Win MX
Where Napster left off, this program picks up. Win MX is Napster, pumped up on steroids and with an attitude! Select from an infinite number of servers and multiple file types to share: audio, video, images, DLL's DRV's--and even executables if you dare. The program is completely configurable and gives you total control over the types of files to share in its library. This program RULES!

After about five minutes toying with Win MX, you'll quickly realize you need a list of open nap servers to add to the one which comes automatically programmed within Win MX. Napigator, at the expense of having to deal with annoying pop-up ad windows, provides you with a plethora of automatically updated servers. (Note: After installation, if you don't have a later version of Napster installed, you'll have to run the Napigator standalone executable. The other one integrates with Napster.

Ultimate Zip
An excellent freeware file archiving (zipping and unzipping) tool with Explorer shell integration.

The absolute BEST freeware view-anything, play anything program on the planet bar none! I can't say enough about this program. You'll have to download it to see all the varied features.

Plays CD's, Wav's, Midi's and Mp3's. This program looks and works really well, but newer versions are a tad unstable (on my system anyway).

An easily configurable freeware Internet firewall. A must-have for those wanting to keep the wolves off their e-doorstep.

A freeware dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia utility which provides definitions and information on any word in any application, and which is made available simply by alt-clicking on a word. Note: you MUST have IE 4.0 or greater in order to use this program.

If you ever wanted to download the graphics from a site but didn't want to waste an afternoon clicking through it, this program is for you. WARNING! The freeware version of this program contains spyware (which can be easily stripped clean by the program below. :-))

If you spend a lot of time downloading freeware from the Internet, chances are that you've downloaded attendant software which is designed to track your every move while on-line. Such programs are referred to as spyware. This program scans your system for spyware (including references within that never-never land called your Windows registry) and will flawlessly remove same if prompted to do so. Be advised that some freeware is designed to integrate with spyware and will be rendered useless if the spyware is removed. Nevertheless, the *informed* choice should be yours.

The Sword Project
An open-source, modularized freeware Bible program with multiple dictionaries, commentaries and encyclopedias. It isn't pretty, but if you're looking for an excellent and powerful Bible program to aid in discussions or study, this one's for you. The base reader is about 2.6 megs, and you have the choice over which versions and add-ons to download. Unlike other freeware Bible programs out there, this one will not take over your system and utilizes very little RAM. (Note: The base install does not include a version module, so if you open the reader before downloading one and find it blank, don't be surprised. Go back to the site and select the version module you like the best: KJV, RSV, etc.)

Freeware Sites

Dave's Place
A Beginner's Guide to Freeware & Shareware on the Internet. If all this is all new to you, go to Dave's Place for an introduction to freeware and shareware, and downloading basics. You'll find interesting downloads and links here too.

Offers a comprehensive collection of 32-bit freeware and shareware. All programs are reviewed and rated. Note: This site lists demos and trials as freeware. Check descriptions carefully before downloading.

Freeware Home
Looking for FREE software? Look no further. This is a well-organized site for finding FREE 32-Bit Software with daily updates, descriptions, homepage Download links. Sign up for the weekly newsletter.

Freeware Files.com
Free Software for Windows 95/98/NT/3x. Download the latest freeware Games, Utilities, screen savers, themes, Internet Tools, Graphics, Libraries, Drivers, Programming, Desktop Enhancements, Text Editors, Multimedia, HTML, Free Software.

Freeware Plus
Features some of the finest freeware for Windows 95/98/NT plus a collection of patches, upgrades, and runtime files for Windows 95.

Freeware Publishing Site
Best freeware for Windows 95/98. Updated daily. Latest releases often appear here first.

Freeware 95
This easy to navigate site is a fine source for Windows freeware, articles, and tips. Updated daily.

Moochers is an extensive archive of freeware for Windows 95/98/NT. All direct downloads. Updated regularly.

Netigen Web/Freeware Central
Offers high-quality freeware sorted into categories with descriptions that make it easy to find exactly what you want.

For Windows 95 and NT. Frequent Updates. All programs are rated and described. Internet and General Applications.

PCWin Resource Center
Windows 32-bit freeware. This top-rated software resource has the most up-to-date listings of downloadable software for Win95 and NT, plus tips and tricks, a news letter, and more.

Internet Tool Provider; Web-related freeware and shareware for Win& 9x.

Top Ten Freeware Sites
Visit the listed sites, then rate the ones that you like or dislike. TopTenLinks is home to over 450 top ten Web site lists. The lists are updated daily.

These sites do not specialize in freeware, but they do list and clearly identify free programs, and are well worth exploring.

The Web's latest and best shareware and evaluation software. Extensive listing of Win 3.1x / 95 / NT and DOS programs.

Web Software releases as they happen. Many free programs.

Harris' Hanger95
Large collection of the best and the latest Win 95 freeware and shareware, updated daily.

This site offers a large variety of freeware and shareware programs categorized according to type and license. Visitors are offered the opportunity to rate software.